How To Get Over Depression And Anxiety!

Hey everyone!👋

Honestly, I didn’t think I will write another post so soon, but here I am, with one of a hell interesting topics- how to get over anxiety and depression! 

Povezana slika

As I mentioned in my previous and first ever blog, I have had anxiety and depression for 4 years now! It’s crazy to think how long I had to stand the pain of it and how long I had to fight it! I’m not gonna lie, but tell you guys only the truth- I still have problems with it sometimes, I fact I don’t think you can ever get rid of it completely, I mean everyone is feeling depressed or anxious sometimes. But I found some ways how to get over it and how to deal with it on everyday basis:

  1. Keep a positive mindset 

Now I know this sounds stupid- you’re depressed and trying to find some solutions for your problem and someone tells you to have a positive mindset! But trust me it works. See when you’re depressed or anxious, you keep thinking how everything will go wrong- especially with anxiety you get all kinds of bad scenarios played in your head as some sort of a horror movie. And then you’re like- I can’t to this, everything will go wrong, I will fail at life, I suck! And you give up. 

And I learned with time that if you keep those thoughts out of your head (at least as much as you can) it can help you enormously! Try to tell yourself that everything is gonna be okay or just try not to think about it at all- keep yourself distracted from all those poisonous thoughts!

  1. Accept that you can’t control everything!

“What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does” this is one of my favorite Harry Potter quotes. What will happen will happen no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Of course you can avoid certain situations but that will make your anxiety even higher when you’ll have to face it again!

  1. Get enough sleep

This is really important and you know it so don’t try to avoid it! Stop reaching for your phone in the evening and go to bed!

  1. Limit alcohol intake 

Alcohol can actually trigger a panic attack which I’m sure you don’t want to happen. And also if you’re taking antidepressants, it can reverse the effects they have on your body, therefore making them pretty much useless!

 5. Eat healthy 

It’s very important to have a balanced diet, because it will make you feel energized, happier and give you a lot of vitamins and minerals your body needs! So eat your veggies okay guys, just to it.

  1. Don’t stay at home

Now I know this can be hard for someone depressed, because you just want to lay in your bed all day and sleep. But if your anxious that is the best remedy! Going out will make you busy, you’ll think about other stuff and forget all your worries!

  1. Count to ten

This is such a famous remedy for treating anxiety and depression, so I don’t think it needs a lot of explanation, but I still needed to mention it!

  1. Talk to somebody 

Talking can help you a lot. Just talk to a friend or a family member who is always happy to help! You can also express your feelings in lots of other forms, like writing poetry or writing a journal!

There you have it you guys, that were my tips on how to cope with depression and anxiety! I will be back with more of course:)




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