My Bucket List For 2018

Hey everyone!❤

Today I thought I’d share with you my bucket list for this year! I hope that I’ll actually complete it this year, even though I never accomplished that before.😝
Povezana slika
  1. Go camping in the forest
  2. Go to London
  3. Go scuba diving
  4. Get another tattoo
  5. Finish school year successfully
  6. Get my drivers license
  7. Color my hair
  8. Go rafting
  9. Go zip lining
  10. Go to a huge amusement park
  11. Start playing guitar again
  12. Pilot a yacht
  13. Road trip with friends
  14. Have a movie marathon
  15. Kiss in the rain
  16. Be vegan for a week
  17. Go cliff diving
  18. Play hide and seek in a mall
  19. Pretend to be a mannequin
  20. Say yes to everything for a day
  21. Hold a snake
  22. Adopt a dog
  23. Meet a famous person
  24. Hold a panda
  25. Go bungee jumping
  26. Go to a train station and take a random train
  27. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  28. Kiss a dolphin
  29. Throw a drink in someone’s face
  30. Visit platform 9 and 3/4
  31. Stopm grapes in Italy
  32. No budget shopping spree
  33. Learn Russian
  34. Go to a spa
  35. Walk behind a waterfall
  36. See a movie premiere
  37. Have my 11:11 wish come true
  38. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  39. Sleep on the beach
  40. See the Roman colosseum
  41. Hug a penguin
  42. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
  43. Ride a horse
  44. Give exactly 100 compliments in one day
  45. Prank someone really well
  46. Spend a weekend with my best friend
  47. Learn karate
  48. Take underwater pictures
  49. Have an amazing summer
  50. Actually do everything on my bucket list


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