Makeup Wishlist, Part 1

Hey everyone!❤
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in 5 days! I’m sick, I have the flu and I’m feeling terrible, but it’s getting better. Today I’m writing my current makeup wishlist. Keeping it short and sweet today! 🙂
  • Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick
I love stick foundations and I love Make Up Forever so it’s the perfect combination! The reason why I love stick foundations it’s because normal foundations dry my skin out a lot and I broke out more! So I will definitely try this soon!
Rezultat iskanja slik za make up forever ultra hd stick
  • Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette
I love Jeffree so much, he’s probably my favourite YouTuber. But sadly, I don’t have anything from his makeup line, which makes me so sad. I’m planning on buying this for my birthday!
Rezultat iskanja slik za jeffree star blood sugar
  • Morphe 24G Palette
Do I even have to explain why I want this?! I’m in love with the colours! I really want to buy this, but I’m afraid I’m not gonna use it that much! And that would be such a waste!
Povezana slika
  • Fenty Beauty Foundation
I’m so ashamed I haven’t tried this yet! I’m in love with Rihanna and I love the fact that she made this for every woman out there! I’m definitely buying this soon!
Povezana slika
  • KKW Beauty Ultralight Beam Highlighters & Glosses
I know I’m basic, but I like Kim a lot! I tried her concealers and I loved them so I want to get my hands on this products so much.
Rezultat iskanja slik za kkw ultralight beam
See you guys next time! 🙂


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